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It's no secret that the site KRAKEN in just 6 months of existence, in terms of recruiting an audience, has jumped most of the darknet resources. In a short period, hundreds of thousands of users have registered on the v2tor.io website, including several thousand sellers. There are only a few but very important reasons for this

The main reasons for the popularity boom of the KRAKEN ONION

Perhaps the first and most important reason for the sharp increase in popularity was the factor that everyone considers vk02.io the heir of Hydra. Everyone remembers how cool Hydra was and decided that the KRAKEN would be at least as good, and possibly better. And they did not fail, indeed KRAKEN took all the best from the closed Hydra, all services switched to this platform, support and administrators are clearly the same as the three-headed one. It is also worth noting the high-quality design of the site, which does not copy the previous resource, but still somehow resembles it, the same white background and dark text without banners and ads. But in addition to all this, the vk01.io resource also introduced an innovation that will allow you to be afloat for a very, very long time. KRAKEN decided to store data decentralized, that is, not on one server, but on dozens around the world. If one server is arrested, the rest will continue to work.